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Have you ever wondered how your email marketing results compare to those in your industry? Or perhaps, what kind of open rates should you expect? Is your click rate above or below the industry average?

Email deliverability is hard and it is always good to know how you are doing or how to improve. This benchmark data is valuable because it gives you a reference for how well you’re doing — and some indication of how to improve.

What are the top 3 objectives of an email marketing strategy to achieve?

Good, bad, excellent
Keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Increase Conversions
  • Increase Click Throughs
  • Increase List Growth

? Sub-Note: Check your Opt-Out and Bounce Rates; keep them to the best low %. If these rates are high, investigate and react accordingly ASAP.

What volume of email click-through rates should I be getting?

  • Bad: Under 1%. 
  • Good: 3% 
  • Excellent: Anything above 3%

Top 10 Ways to improve your email’s Open and Click-Through Rates.

1. Make your subject line stand out; it should sing!

  • Use Emojis. 
  • Use short subject lines. 
  • Be clear. 
  • Before sending out an email split test your subject line. You can use different apps or establish your own group tat you will refer to for the best option.
  • Reporting helps you see which emails are performing and which ones could use work. Then, you can use simple split testing to make your emails get more opens, clicks, and buys.

2. Design for email format for mobiles. A must check point before finalizing your email.

  • Smartphones now account for 55% of all email opens
  • 53% of millennials unsubscribe to emails that don’t work on their smartphones.
  • 80% of recipients deleted emails that didn’t look good on mobile.

3. Use Headings and subheadings

  • Despite the fact email marketing experts Litmus have found attention spans increase when reading email, 55% of people still tend to skim-read an email in 2-8 seconds. It is so important to use subheadings to increase the chance of your reader to read more of your email. People absorb information given to them in a sequential order and in small bites.

4. Don’t rely on images for hyperlinks

Instead make use of buttons and clickable text. It is very important to limit the hyperlinks, so your email does not end up in the Spam folder.

5. Use personalization to increase engagement.

In fact, your audience is an audience of one. When you compose an email remember that you are talking to one person, make it personal.

light bulb
Have your email marketing “Eureka” moment!

6. Ensure your emails reach the inbox.

  • Improve your sending reputation. There are two primary ways you can do this: by fostering trust and sending with a professional email service.
  • Foster trust. Increase credibility for your business. Most small businesses use personal email for professional use. A business email address gives your brand the edge when communicating with customers and partners..
  • Use double opt-ins to ensure the subscriber intended to sign up.

7. Keep in mind: 1 in 5 commercial emails fails to reach its intended target. 

8. Make your call-to-action (CTA) crystal clear.

? NOTE: When given more than one call to action, your click through rates % drops by 50%.

  • If your click-through rates are low, it’s also a good idea to look at what you’re actually asking subscribers to click. 
  • The language used in CTAs can lead to a 24% increase in click-throughs.
  • Leverage psychology and tell the subscriber the action you want them to take. Believe it or not, many people still need your guidance and encouragement to click to the CTA.

9. Segment your subscribers. Send exactly what your contacts want to see.

  • Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your message and send targeted emails to exactly the right contact.

10. Send less frequently? 

  • The jury is still out. I’ve seen success and failures on both sides. There are so many parameters that will affect this. Best to use your educated judgment. Check your tribe’s reactions.  Visit my blog!

? Bonus: my way of thinking is that you need to give 3x before asking, day off, and then give one more time before asking again (7 days plan). You may have another day off and then the “Last Chance” email banking heavily on the FOMO effect. (9 days plan)


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P.S. Ensure the people who get the forwarded email on your email list do not click the unsubscribe button—they will be removing the original recipient from the list, not themselves!!!

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