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17 Basic Podcasting Hacks to Follow (Plus 5 Bonuses)

Dear friend,

I won’t bore you with introductions and other because I understand how busy you are and you would  just like to get the 17 hacks and the 5 bonuses; understand their value and apply each of them ASAP.

I wish you will spend some time on each hack and every bonus, understand its value and then produce a POA (Plan of Action) to best apply it to your advantage.

I will also recommend using a spreadsheet to follow you applying each hack and record the results as well as your POA for each, accountability and follow up.

Please, email me at [email protected] and question, need for clarification, sharing POAs and results. 

Stop the Insanity

I promise you I read all emails in my inbox and I react to them within a max of 12 hours. I’m not a slave of email because although I have deleted over 275,000 emails (the last 6 years!!!), my inbox has 73 emails, 24 from this year 2020 (all in need someone else to finish their part before I will delete them or posting information that I leave there for easy access). I also have 48 from 2019 and 1 from 2016. 

I could help you clean and organize your inbox in simple steps with no anxiety and extreme loss of time, involved, keeping it all organized and moving projects and tasks and correspondence in record time! Email me with your information and what you would like help with. 

High Clickable Topic

Before we start, I would like to remind everyone that your podcast is for your tribe. It is especially important to post a very compelling to listen to topic line. Your tribe would ask themselves: “Why should I listen?” before they would start listening.

Here are the 17 Basic Podcasting Hacks:

  • Membership programs for podcasts such as Patreon allow users to subscribe to more episodes/more exclusive content for a fee (typically $5/ month). 
  • This comes with the caveat that you must produce a certain number of episodes a month (usually an extra episode a week) and other material to dazzle them and add value.
  • Having guests is particularly effective since it merges two or more fan groups. Follow and encourage guests to promote the episode. 
  • Make it easy for them: provide the swipe copy, images, and social posts. Ask if you could offer an opt-in to a free item.
  • Articulate an area of focus.
  • Make sure the podcast is in active production (1 episode/week seems standard, can pre-record)
  • Good audio equipment and sound mixing is key, it makes the podcast more listenable
  • 45 min. – 1 hour is a standard podcast length. Weekly is the best practice. 
  • More than 1 person on a podcast is key, it flows easier like a conversation. Over 4 people is too much.
  • Use time in the middle of podcast to promote your product, integrate it into the conversation and make sure you’re not reading the same thing every week
  • Get booked on other podcast shows or “trade” podcast appearances with someone.
  • Promote, promote, promote. Email about it, add ta blurb to your newsletter and post on your social platforms, regularly.
  • Cultivate and keep every relationship formed with each of your guests.

4 More Useful Podcasting Hacks

  • Wave in a Q&A podcast at least 6x a year. It is a great way to show to your listeners that you are in tune with them.
  • Post surveys to gauze what your listeners want to hear more about and what less as well as tell you topics of their interest. 
  • Post a short but spectacularly inviting intro.
  • Post a simple longer outro with enough time for them to understand what you are promoting at that point.

Here are the 5 Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: Mix the podcast episodes with you one with the ones with a guest.
  • BONUS #2: Ask quality guests. Never be afraid to reach out to the ones you think they are “Untouchable.”
  • BONUS #3: Each podcast must be on iTunes. Your iTunes number should be a great litmus on how your podcast episodes are doing with the listeners.
  • BONUS #4: Post any video of your podcast in a YouTube Playlist, on your LinkedIn and as a Premiere on Facebook Biz Page.
  • BONUS #5: When replying to your fan base, don’t just reply. Form a rapport with everyone from your tribe who contacted you.

Was that helpful?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tommy A.

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