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about tommy antonopoulos

Tommy Antonopoulos, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Bottom Line Strategy, began his career as a very successful small business owner serving hot dogs and corn on the cob in Coney Island, NY.

Substituting university credentials for life experience, Tommy’s passion for people and his dreams of being a valued leader, mentor and advocate for other business owners helped him to flourish in his own business, and set the course for his creation of Bottom Line Strategies.

During his 35 year career, Tommy’s desire to be a creative thought leader provided many diverse opportunities. One such exciting opportunity led him to manage a sizeable portfolio of high volume cafés who served over 100,000 guests each month. His team consisted of 192 associates and 22 highly skilled managers. This experience gave him great personal and professional satisfaction. His passion for training, mentoring and sharing his knowledge and insight was well received. Throughout his tenure on this project, he realized that making money is rewarding financially, but more importantly he realized that his decisions had a profound effect on his team and the company as a whole. He strived for excellence from his team, and in return instilled in each of them a sense of personal satisfaction. He worked hard to ensure their success, making them feel like a star!

Through personal and professional challenges, Tommy’s commitment to the success of his clients has never waivered….

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